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Support Ticket Levels

This article highlights the importance of understanding Support Ticket categories for effective issue prioritization and resolution and helping you stay on top of all your requests and issues.

There are 4 issue categories in Zeet Support Center:
P0 - systems are down
P1 - systems are impaired
Product Guidance
Issue or Bug

Only Teams that have enabled Level 1 or Level 2 Support have the ability to create Tickets. For more information about Support options, please refer to the Pricing page.

P0: Outage

A P0 outage indicates a critical situation where Zeet is down, or Zeet is causing your production systems to be down. It is the highest priority level and requires immediate attention to fix the cause of severe disruptions in your production systems and to minimize downtime and impact. An example of a P0 is if your Zeet-managed load balancer is down.

P1: Impairment

A P1 impairment signifies a situation where Zeet is causing significant impairment to your production systems or your development workflow. While not as critical as a P0 outage, it still demands prompt attention. Critical services or workflows may be affected, e.g. all projects in Zeet dashboard aren't loading. Addressing the issue is crucial to restore normal operations and prevent further disruption of developer work.

Product Guidance

Product Guidance refers to when you are trying to understand how to use the Zeet product and the documentation you have hasn't answered it for you. In these situations reach out to us for help!

Issue or Bug

An Issue or Bug represents a problem related to Zeet, such as a bug or a feature request, which is not causing critical system impairments or outages. These tickets are essential for addressing issues that affect developer productivity and ensuring a smooth experience with Zeet.

Response Times

Ticket CategoryLevel 1 SupportLevel 2 Support
P0: Outage1 hr1 hr
P1 : Impairment4 hr1 hr
Issue or Bug24 hr4 hr
Product Guidance24 hr4 hr

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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