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Does Zeet have a Free Plan?

Does Zeet have a Free Plan?

Zeet offers a lifetime Free Tier with no cost to begin using today, and there's no requirement to add a credit card. The Free Tier includes all essential features to kickstart your Project. You'll have access to 3 free Projects that you can deploy on any of our supported cloud providers. You can also invite team members to collaborate on projects, complete with basic Role-Based Access Control. Additionally, you have access to the Zeet CLI and GraphQL API for programmatic access.

Resource Configuration

Just to clarify, Zeet does not host your projects; instead, it assists you in deploying your applications to a cloud provider that you prefer. When deploying, you have the flexibility to set the compute specifications for your Project, and Zeet imposes no restrictions in this regard. Whether your projects are Serverless or Container-based, you can adjust the CPU and Memory settings in your Project preferences.


The Zeet Free Tier comes with Basic Support - which includes access to the in-app support chat, along with reference documentation and articles. Priority support can be purchased as an add-on to the free tier.

Product Limits

The Zeet Free Tier gives you everything you need to deploy your project to your cloud. However, there are advanced features that are only available on the PRO plan and onwards. These include:

Advanced autoscaling triggers - Custom Prometheus and KEDA metrics
Static Egress
Datadog APM

Updated on: 08/09/2023

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