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How do I view my Zeet usage?

Usage and Billing Overview page

Access the Usage and Billing overview page by clicking the "Usage" icon in the bottom of the left sidebar. The Usage page provides a concise overview of your Zeet usage. It includes details about your current billing plan and the number of projects, clouds, and clusters under your account, along with your Support and API options.


What are the Usage elements relevant for billing?

Zeet has a number of Products and Plans that give each Zeet account a set of features and usage limits. Below is a summary of the important elements that you should know to better understand the Zeet products you need for your use case. All Zeet products and pricing are shown on the Pricing page.

1. Projects

When you deploy a service to your cloud with Zeet you're creating a Project. An example of a Project would be a Node service, database, docker container, or IaC package that you deploy into one environment. We only count active Projects towards your usage - this means that we do not count any projects in the PAUSED or DRAFT state.

Every Plan in Zeet comes an allotment of free projects. Beyond the free limit, you can deploy more projects in a pay-as-you-go manner. For high-volume usage, you can also purchase Project packs at a volume discount.

2. Clouds

The number of Cloud accounts you can connect to is based on your Plan Tier. If you are looking to use Zeet in a multi-cloud use case, or if you require connecting multiple different cloud accounts for a single provider, you may need to look past the free tier.

3. Clusters

Similar to cloud accounts, different Plan Tiers provide a different numbers of clusters that you can add or connect to.

4. Support

All Zeet users receive Basic support, accessible through the in-product chat interface, as well as through reference documentation available in the Docs and Helpdesk Articles. Please be aware that Basic Support does not guarantee a specific response time.

For users on Level 1 and Level 2 Support Products, we provide additional benefits. You will have access to a private Slack channel for direct communication with our team, along with access to the Zeet Ticket Center (coming soon!) for issue tracking and resolution. Level 2 support goes a step further and includes a 24/7 Pager service for handling P0 (highest-priority) problems.

5. API Access

All Zeet users are granted Basic API access, which comes with rate limitations to ensure fair usage across our platform. With Basic API access, users can interact with our services, but there are specific query limits in place to maintain system performance.

For users seeking more extensive API usage and higher query limits, we offer the option to purchase Priority API.

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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