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How can I delete my Project?

Deleting Projects

You can delete a Project by navigating to the Danger Zone tab of your project settings. Here you will be presented with two options regarding deleting your project:

1. Delete Project and remove from cloud (Delete)

This will stop all branches of your project and spin down any resources associated with this project. We will then delete the project from the Zeet database.

This will keep all resources associated with your project running, but the Project will be removed from Zeet's database. You will no longer be able to view and manage this Project via Zeet. To spin down the resources, you will have to manually delete the project from your cloud console.

Danger Zone Deletion settings

If you want to temporarily pause the project, or are looking to spin down resources, but keep the configuration for reference, you can opt to Pause the project. Paused projects don't count towards your Billable projects.

Deleting Infrastructure Projects

For Projects that deploy some infrastructure - such as Terraform Modules, Helm Charts, Kubernetes Manifests, or any Database Blueprints, deleting the Project is a two-step process. You can find these options in the Danger Zone section of your Project settings.

Spin down infrastructure

This will trigger a destroy workflow which you must manually approve to delete the resources created by the Project. This is often referred to as "archiving" the project. Once archived, Zeet will still tore the configuration for the project to be deployed again at any time.

Delete the Project from Zeet

Once you have archived the project, you can Delete the Project from the Zeet database.

Danger Zone for Infrastructure Projects

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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